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About Us

We are Registered Clinical Counsellors offering traditional “talk” therapy and Equine Assisted Therapy to individuals, families, and communities in search of growth and healing. On our serenely beautiful farm, we can offer clients whatever individualized approach they need, from private therapy rooms to extraordinary encounters with empathetic animals. Our work always reflects the insights of rigorous clinical research, but our clients appreciate our relaxed and authentic approach to communication.

We are mental health professionals with enough experience and credentials to supervise Master-level counselling interns each year. That means Shamrock is a place of learning where current research is explored and celebrated. It also means clients can access more affordable options for therapy when needed. Because we are passionate about extending therapeutic care to all people, we remove barriers such as lack of funding through our non-profit, West Coast Nature Therapies.


Story of the Shamrock

Many years ago when Cristina was around 4 years old she would spend time at her grandmas home and farm. The days were spent outside in nature exploring, observing and trying to understand the way the world works. Filled with questions and curiosity and always finding animals in need of some care. Those times represent where her life would take her in the future. Horses seemed to have the biggest pull on her heart and eventually she convinced her parents to buy her first pony and the passion has never stopped since. One of the fondest memories Cristina has is walking through the field with her grandma and being able to find endless amounts of four leaf clovers. To some they represent luck. To Cristina they represent to world of possibilities and the reason why it is called Shamrock Wellness & Equestrian!


For 8 years, we have been supervising Masters-level counselling interns, allowing students to deepen their knowledge and practice in the serene environment of our farm. Shamrock interns leverage our Registered Clinical Counsellors combined decades of experience, and our expertise in Attachment, Narrative, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and Equine Facilitated Counselling. Apply here for an opportunity to gain invaluable experience counselling Shamrock clients, and benefit from the mentorship of highly educated and credentialed mental health professionals.

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