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Human Team

Cristina Rennie
​Owner & Clinical supervisor

Equine Facilitated Counselling &
Traditional Clinical Counselling

Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC)

Masters in Counselling
Psychology (Adler) CBEIP-MH*


How can a person begin to feel safe enough to share and understand their life stories? In the ten years I’ve been counselling individuals and families on my farm, we’ve found some answers together. And I believe one thing is essential: the power to choose.

In a calm, beautiful setting like a farm—complete with a barn, horses, and dogs—many can lower the walls that keep them from understanding themselves. But others need the privacy of one of our therapeutic rooms. Some uncover powerful insights by gazing into the non-judgmental eyes of an animal. Others find release simply through dialoguing honestly with a therapist in a private space. At Shamrock, it’s very important to me that clients have the opportunity to choose their own individualized pathways towards healing.

I feel privileged to work alongside highly ethical and creative professionals, as well as the miraculously supportive animals on our farm. It’s also an honour to supervise Masters-level counseling interns, who add tremendous value to our practice. All of these team members enable Shamrock to be a place of healing and learning. 


Saleha Alshehri
Virtual Master Level Counsellor


I also understand that it gets overwhelming to deal with the aftermath of trauma or hardships by yourself. It gets dark and lonely when you’re not able to open up and experience yourself talking about what you feel and what you went through.

I believe that there is no one treatments fits all, therefore, I start where you are and where you can go within your history. I’m dedicated to providing a safe and trusted space for you to understand your story, to explore some of patterns preventing you to experience your best version of yourself. Through acceptance and therapeutic collaboration, you will take charge of your life story and learn the necessary skills to improve it. Thank you for your trust to share your experience with me!


My name is Saleha Alshehri, I’m a Master level counsellor and I believe in the significance of a non-judgmental and empathic connection to spark changes in people. This change starts by honoring your story and what got you here, various relationships in your life and how would you like them to be? I understand that when people go through trauma or life adversities, their self-perspectives may shatter or damaged, their relationships suffer, and their life choices are negatively impacted.

Nicole Meister
Registered Social Worker


Since 2016, I have worked as a health care social worker and have learned how to develop relationships with a diverse population across the lifespan. I have supported patients and families through both the most traumatic and most wonderful experiences of their lives. Despite this, I have longed to work more closely with individuals and families to heal from trauma through relationship and connection with horses. 


In 2021, I completed my Master of Social Work degree with a specialization in Clinical Counselling. As a counsellor, I bring my empathy and curiosity into my relationship with clients to better understand their personal story. I strive to create a safe space from which clients can explore and feel seen and heard. I approach counselling from a Narrative Therapy and Feminist perspective, and have a strong interest in social justice.


I have a life-long passion for horses that started on my grandpa’s farm when I was a toddler. I have regularly sought out opportunities to spend time with horses through volunteer programs, and have spent the last 8 years volunteering in equine-facilitated programs for women and youth.

Master level university students available

please call for more information and reduced rates

Equine Team

Wunder is an Oldenburg Warmblood who was born in California in 1999. She is a true leader, protector, and the mother of the herd.


Aries is Wunder’s son. He is wise beyond his years. He is also the biggest horse at Shamrock, standing 18hh, but don’t let his size intimidate you. He is a gentle giant.


Buddy, who is now 33 years! Has fully retired and is living his best life with his friend Thor on the Rennie property in Mt Lehman.


Shea the newest member of the herd. She is a purebred Clydesdale who is four years old as of 2019. She will be learning the ropes for a while, watching the others work their magic.


Emma is one of our therapy dogs. She is a Boxer who loves to give hugs, cuddles, and kisses.


Charlie is Emma's baby girl, and she is learning the ropes of caring for people. Born in 2018, she looks just like her momma.





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