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Our Services

We are Registered Clinical Counsellors who can offer clients a highly tailored approach to therapy, including the option of Equine Facilitated Counselling with the therapy horses at our facility.

No two clients are exactly alike, and so are the challenges that bring them to therapy. But whether you choose traditional therapy in a private space or counselling involving highly trained support animals, we are intent on offering a way forward. Our years of experience and firm foundation in current research help us to find pathways out of trauma and adversity, towards integration and joy. 




For some individuals, Equine Facilitated Counselling (EFC) is an opportunity to experience rare breakthroughs. It’s an experiential therapy approach—meaning it adds activities to traditional “talk therapy”—that only EFMHA qualified mental health professionals can facilitate. EFC harnesses the profound non-verbal communication skills of horses to create an environment of deep safety and inspired learning.

Our Registered Clinical Counsellors are able to work with clients who choose EFC in a soothing natural setting on the farm with uniquely supportive horses. In the presence of these animals, who help us tap into our own emotions and behaviours non-judgmentally, clients can make extraordinary progress in understanding themselves. Opening up occurs more naturally, old struggles are released more easily, and pathways towards desired changes present themselves.




In the safety and intimacy our private therapy rooms, clients can discuss their challenges and hopes with Registered Clinical Counsellors. “Talk therapy”, a simple dialogue between client and counsellor, forms the basis for this approach. That being said, each therapeutic relationship reflects the individual client’s needs.

Through years of experience, and a commitment to current best practices, we help individuals to discover pathways towards health and wellness. Our practice is especially informed by the wisdom of approaches like Attachment, Narrative, and and social justice. Under conditions of safety, respect, and attentiveness, we support courageous clients to make peace with the past and progress confidently towards a more whole-hearted future.


Founded by a collaborative group of industry professionals who are passionate about supporting and creating nature-based programs, Westcoast Nature Therapies & Learning Society is an inclusive non profit that provides services to all people, including LGBTQIA2S+ and all races, ages, cultures, and spiritual beliefs.


We aspire to promote innovation, education, collaboration and professional service delivery in any field of activity that leverages the animal-human connection and the natural environment around us.

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