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Tack Room
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  • Semi outside paddock and shelter board

  • Inside barn stall and paddock full board


  • Exercise and training for horses

  • Working student opportunities

Performance Coaching

  • Specialization in Sports Psychology for riders/equestrians

  • Working through past traumatic experiences with horses

  • Mental Performance preparation

  • Competition goals and planning

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Boarding Availability

Outside Board

  • Self board with shelters and huge paddocks option for multiple horse discount

  • Semi board with shelters and huge paddocks. Discount for multiple horses. Owners provides grain to be fed by barn. Hay provided. Option to clean your own paddocks or pay per cleaning
    $450 (not including cleaning)

  • Field herd board 6-8 horses start June/July 2023 - large outside field with open concept shelter, access to hillside and approx 8 acres to roam. Will be round bale fed and heated water system

Inside Board

  • Inside training stalls with in/outs for horses needing exercise, training or working through specific issues

  • Inside stalls and paddocks full board only

  • Seasonal inside full board


About Cristina


  • Began riding when she was 5 and soon after joined Orion Pony club. Did the levels through to C2 also doing examinations of lower levels.

  • Prince Philip Games National and International teams

  • International Candiate in 1996

  • Endurance riding 50 miles

  • Competitively Eventing for 35 years

  • 2022 eventing accomplishment:  2*s at Aspen Farms, 2*L 5th place out of 55 International riders (2nd after Xcountry), NorthWest Championships 4th place at Aspen Farms Intermediate level, Caber Farms Intermediate and Spokane Eventing 2nd place Intermediate level

  • Show jumped to 1.2m at Tbird

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